These are the most important Chemistry chapter 11 short questions for Class 11. 1st Year Chapter 11 of Chemistry is related to reaction kinetics. These questions are for the Punjab Text Book Board that can be used within all of Punjab where this syllabus is taught.

Students are advised to must prepare these questions in order to perform the best in the board examination.

Chemistry Chapter 11 Short Questions for Class 11

  1. Define the rate of a chemical reaction and give units.
  2. Define specific rate constant. Give an equation to support your answer.
  3. What happens to the rate of chemical reaction with the passage of time?
  4. Define the order of reaction with the help of an example.
  5. Radioactive decay is always a first-order reaction. Give reason.
  6. Define with example 2nd order reaction.
  7. What is the specific rate constant or velocity constant?
  8. What is the half-life period? Give example.
  9. How surface area affects the rate of reaction? Give one example.
  10. Define activation energy and activation complex.
  11. How does a catalyst affect a reversible reaction?
  12. How enthalpy change of a reaction and energy of activation are distinguished?
  13. Define and give an example of the process of activation of a catalyst.
  14. Define homogeneous catalysis. Give two examples.
  15. What is catalytic poisoning? Give two examples.
  16. What are enzymes? How do they act as catalysts?
  17. Write down two characteristics of enzyme catalysis.
  18. Enzymes are specific in action. Justify it.
  19. What is an auto catalyst? Give an example.

Find the answers from the Chemistry book of Class 11 Chapter 11

Important Short Questions of Chemistry 1st Year

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