The most important Chemistry chapter 2 short questions for Class 11. 1st Year Chapter 2 of Chemistry is related to experimental techniques in Chemistry. These questions are for the Punjab Text Book Board that can be used within all of Punjab where this syllabus is taught.

Students are advised to must prepare these questions in order to perform the best in the board examination.

Chemistry Chapter 2 Short Questions for Class 11

  1. Define analytical chemistry.
  2. Define qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  3. Name the various experimental techniques used for the purification of substances.
  4. In the solvent extraction technique, repeated extractions using small portions of solvent are more efficient than using a single extraction but with larger volume of solvent. Comment.
  5. Why concentrated KMnO4 and HCl solutions can’t be filtered by the Gooch crucible?
  6. What is the difference between a Gooch crucible and Sintered Glass crucible?
  7. Write the names of the major steps of crystallization.
  8. Desiccator is the safest method of drying the crystals. Explain.
  9. Why there is a need to crystalize the crude product?
  10. How crystallized substances are dried?
  11. How crystals are dried by the safest and most reliable method?
  12. Write four properties of a good solvent.
  13. Write the names of eight solvents used for the crystallization.
  14. Define sublimation and partition law.
  15. Give the importance of sublimation.
  16. What type of substances can be purified by sublimation?
  17. Define sublimand and sublimate.
  18. What is Rf? Write formula.
  19. What is the distribution law? Write the formula.

Find the answers from the Chemistry book of Class 11 Chapter 2

Important Short Questions of Chemistry 1st Year

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