The most important Chemistry chapter 7 short questions for Class 11. 1st Year Chapter 7 of Chemistry is related to thermochemistry. These questions are for the Punjab Text Book Board that can be used within all of Punjab where this syllabus is taught.

Students are advised to must prepare these questions in order to perform the best in the board examination.

Chemistry Chapter 7 Short Questions for Class 11

  1. What is the thermochemical equation? Give two examples.
  2. What is a thermochemical equation? What information does it convey?
  3. What are thermochemical reactions? Give their types.
  4. Why it is necessary to mention the physical states of reactants and products in the thermochemical equation?
  5. The burning of candles is a spontaneous process. Justify it.
  6. Differentiate between endothermic and exothermic reactions.
  7. What is the internal energy of the system?
  8. Differentiate between the law of conservation of energy and Hess’s law.
  9. Explain the term enthalpy of atomization.
  10. Define the enthalpy of the solution. Give an example.
  11. Define enthalpy of solution and enthalpy of neutralization.
  12. Define standard enthalpy of formation. Give two examples.
  13. What is a state function? Give two examples.
  14. State Hess’s law of constant heat summation.
  15. Is it true that ΔH and ΔE have the same values for the reaction taking place in the solution state?
  16. Prove that ΔE = qv
  17. Why heat energy is released in exothermic reactions?

Find the answers from the Chemistry book of Class 11 Chapter 7

Important Short Questions of Chemistry 1st Year

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